A Sneak-Peak into a Career of a Social Media Manager

You get paid for being online all day long, jumping from one network to another, dealing with analysis, organizing ahead and performing miscellaneous jobs of a Social Media Manager. But you’re not the only one doing this. There are many who share your choice of career. And they perform almost similar tasks as you for almost the same salary and also for the same period of time. Now, let’s go through the day of a social media manager.

Social analyst Socialcast has assembled the tasks of this job along with the times required for that purpose. Let’s have a look


#1 Go through emails

#2 Answer and retweet

#3 Put up something on social pages

#4 Issue a blogpost

#5 Come up with a content

#6 Discuss with inner teams on plans


#1 Compose a blogpost, write a content

#2 Notify team of necessity of social tools

#3 Come back and further observe on social profiles and accounts


#1 Examine statistics of the day

#2 Join up for chats, webinars and other programs

#3 Arrange social media messages for overnight and morning period

#4 Look for new emails again

Does all this look similar to what you do all day? Possibly. Finola Howard has shared on LinkedIn about the everyday tasks that she performs on her job and each these tasks take her almost about an hour to complete. Here it goes like:

#1 Assess new followers on Twitter using SocialOomph. Follow those who are essential.

#2 Evaluate what has worked. Jot down those strategies using spreadsheets.

#3 Plan tweets and statuses for the day.

#4 Search for special content for each domain.

#5 Answer and take part in replying to comments and texts of viewers.

#6 Screen participation levels of followers.

There are some tasks that a social media manager requires to perform to grow his company. These are:

#1 Organizing

Proper organization of content to be uploaded on social media plays a very important role in presenting just the appropriate information to the viewer.

#2 Fabricating

Once you have figured out what to share, it becomes necessary to decide how to present it to the audience. Your efficiency in this task increases as you gain more and more experience on this field.

#3 Announcing

In posting a particular post, a social media management tool is extremely important. Rather than logging in to your different channels one after another, you can simply put up the post and let the software of the job to share it in all of your accounts.

#4 Planning

The very next important thing is to schedule your posts. Instead of posting immediately you can program and queue your posts to go live at a moment when you are not active.

#5 Compute

After posting on your social accounts, now it’s time to calculate the metrics of the post, calculate how many likes and comments it has received and to dig into the analytics that matter the most.

#6 Inspect

Having the numbers in hand, the next thing to be done is to have a keen look into the analytics, go through each comment and realize what your audience demands. That should let you also plan your future posts.

As seen the life of a social media manager is hectic, frenzied and full of challenges. But it’s where you have the chance to connect with other people and get to know their mindsets. It surely is a very daring yet an interesting one among many other jobs.


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