Writing a Blog Post vs. Writing an Article: Here Lies the Difference

Initially, blogs and articles used to be vastly different. While blogs were more concise and casual with a high-emphasis on SEO and a lower emphasis on grammar, articles were long-form content which required an impeccable and sophisticated writing style while being rich in research and data. A key difference in both types of content used to lie in their approach. While blogs relied on the opinion of the individual writing it, articles were almost never about individual opinions.

However, these lines began to blur over the last couple of years. Here’s how the two forms of content differ from each other now despite the styles blending with one another:

Blog-article fusion

Blog presents began on getting an ever-increasing number of like articles. As a bazillion blogs swarmed the Internet, the bar started to rise.

Blog presents started to have more meetings. They introduced intriguing information. Posts got longer as bloggers looked to stick out and convey more worth, until 1,000 words have gotten genuinely standard, and 2,000-word posts are normal. Search engine optimization catchphrases’ worth diminished as Google took action against watchword stuffed substance. Likewise, as blogs got more experts, many recruited editors.

On the article-composing side, there was likewise development. Several print magazines began to post duplicates of their articles on the web. Abruptly, magazine features expected to drive traffic, actually like blog-post features, and feature styles developed. They distributed more assessment-driven pieces from thought pioneers. Some additionally set up blogs where they let essayists hit the ‘distribute’ button all alone.

Word Counts abbreviated for print, as advertisement income relocated on the web. A few magazines went online-as it was. Their style got breezier and more easygoing.

To summarize, the two kinds of composing started to converge into one. Definitions got soft, and now there’s a great deal of disarray.

Besides around a certain something: Blog presents tend on pay poop, and articles will in general be better.

Composing an article versus blog: What to charge

Where most scholars are fortunate to get $100 a post for blog posts — and you are prescribed to attempt to make that your bar for blog composing — article rates are normally much better. I’ve composed numerous at $300-$500, and a lot more at $600-$2,000, contingent upon length and intricacy.

Numerous more modest day by day papers pay in the $75-$100 territory for short articles, yet enjoy the benefit of giving you more amazing clasps for your portfolio. You likewise get the reward of figuring out how to report a story, which lays the basis for improving paying articles in the future, from organizations or magazines.

Getting the success

The truth of the matter is, articles and article-style blog posts pass on greater positions. They dazzle a greater amount of your customer’s clients. The activities will be more effective, and those customers will be bound to employ you back to compose more. It’s an exemplary mutual benefit — you can charge more toward the beginning, and will probably wind up getting more work from the customer, as well, since they’ll be more joyful with the outcomes they get.

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