Two Secrets of Staying Motivated & Hungry

According to serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, there exist two big mysteries to stay interested in business: to be self-centered and knowing that you are not immortal. While writing on his website, the writer and producer of Wine Library TV highlights on the most asked question: how he stays so modest. Vaynerchuk states that he praises self-seeking thinking and appreciation for the time he has left on this planet as the two biggest factors in achieving success.


When he says ‘to be selfish’ he doesn’t talk about money. Rather he hunts for bequest. He states that if on one hand he’d have $500 million and his story at his career in VaynerMedia be like he has done a good job, he has done decent for himself and earned money or on the other hand he’d have $200 million and the statement would be like he has rationally transformed how the industry believed about attention, it’s obvious which one he is going to choose.

He states that the process rather than the outcome of the process is the one which is enjoyable. He dedicates himself to work. He has passion for the grind. According to him, victory is the ultimate glory and not what victory brings with it. It surely is a great attitude to possess and if one can change his/her viewpoint that way, motivation would come automatically.


Many of the time when people ask him about motivation, he assigns it to thankfulness. The real fuel to victory is gratefulness. Appreciation has taken him through the roughest moments in business. Whenever he loses a deal to a competitor, or a great employee, or thousands of cash in revenue, he reverts to gratitude. The reason is that even if he has enough capital to buy the Jets tomorrow, it would hardly matter if one of his friends or relatives was sick or had died. He takes no time to remove his eyes from business. He doesn’t forget about the humble background he belonged to and states that luck has really favored in bringing him to such an awesome country as the US. He is also grateful that his skills are appreciated by the people of the US. His viewpoint on both health and well-being of his beloved family and also the picture of where he came from enables him to handle anything with accuracy. His gratitude lets him forget all his issues and makes him happy with all the things he has been bestowed with.

To getting motivated is just a paradigm shift in standpoint that takes place mentally. You have to realize that time is the last word in anyone’s life. One should be grateful enough to the time that has gone away from one’s life and he should be selfish enough for the times to come such that those might not be wasted in vain.

Life only is gifted once and one should make the most out of it. The perception that one is mortal might be considered dark, but it does make one motivated. The self-centeredness of legacy over money, and also the earnestness of a limited quantity of time, enhances modesty and drive.


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