Be careful about your mistakes in a job interview

Life is a continuous learning process, each day of which unfolds a new lesson in our life. From childhood to being grown-ups, each individual commits some mistake or the other inadvertently, in regard to which the phrase “To err is human” stands truly apt. During the school days, forgetting to carry a notebook belonging to a specific subject is a recollection which more or less all of us have in our memory shelves, as also isleaving behind crucial documents at the living place in office days. However, some of these mistakes can be dangerous in some crucial endeavours of our life. Take for example, the job interviews, where like other times, we try best to avoid leaving loopholes from our end. However, despite their slightness, you can’t totally avoid them, and some end up hurting your interests over time. Here are some examples of interview blunders you could do and not notice until the last possible second.

  1. Arrogance and overconfidence in tone: The ability to voice your opinions is undeniably awarded with positive credits, but sometimes it transforms into arrogance unconsciously in the face of unnecessary arguments. Also, it is always charming to have confidence in your voice and on face alike, but take care of the fact that it doesn’t appear to be contaminated with overconfidence.
  2. Lack of knowledge about the organization:  Before appearing for an interview, you should carry at least the fundamental knowledge regarding the background of the organization, its vision and mission, the various domains of services offered by it, the employee strength, annual turnover, major clients and other such basic facts. Lacking proper knowledge about the organization may jeopardize your chances of being selected.
  3. Improper attire: First impression is the last impression, they say, and our outfit is the very first attribute which depicts our personality to a significant extent. Proper attire, i.e., generally formal outfit coupled with good choice of colours preferably neither too bright nor too dull, multiplies the odds in your favour manifold.
  4. Negative body language: Shaky voice, incessant perspiration, trembling fingers, overall hesitation and their abstract cousins – fall prey to any of them and all your efforts aimed at being selected go in vain. Be assured, smile, and respond subjectively; it could be the trump card you need.
  5. Exaggerated and false facts: The first attribute of good professionals is that they adhere to the facts, regardless of its implications. If you were a junior developer at your previous workplace, clearly state the same rather than claiming yourself to be the senior manager of the same branch. Exaggerating or relying on false facts can prove devastating.

Rather than having an outlook towards job interviews as more of brainstorming sessions, you should take it as an interaction session with the interviewer. Although some of the mistakes we make unwantedly are enumerated above, there’s always room for improvement if you master yourself to hurdle the tricky situations. Maintaining a positive attitude, being assertive and on time, and remaining true to your profession will do wonders for you.



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